AMGHouse is a data processing firm offering advanced analytical and transactional solutions and products.

Who we are

AMGHouse is a small company now, but our excellent  achievements  is forging us ahead. 
AMGHouse is not just a data firm , we are part of your business.

Core Technology Base

Big Data & Streaming
Apache Hadoop & Hadoop  Ecosystem  including 
Apache {Spark, Flink, Pig,Kafka,Hive,Zeppelin,Sqoop,Hbase, Flume,etc }
Elastic Suites (Elasticsearch,KIbana,Logstash,Beats)

Data Science 
Jupyter ,TensorFlow & Keras

Google Cloud Platform ,Docker,kubernetes,vagrant

C/C++/Java/Python/Scala/Unix Shell Scripting 

And growing … 

What we offer

Our flagship solution ,INsightv2000,  ensures continued service delivery for our customer in 
all facets of their business and systems operations.

It is a fast  big data infrastructure platform based on big data and fast data , integrating  open source 
softwares and ecosystem.And as  Elasticsearch BV  resellers to we 
have integrated the Elastic Suite into our solution to provide superior competitive business edge for our partner(s).

Since 2015, our major partner (our clients are our partners), MTN Benin, 
 have used INsight and AMGHouse data analytics skills to advance their data strategy through  business 
monitoring to  business insight then  business optimization . 

As part of the joint strategy  road map we have started working to build new solution round INsight that 
delivers  data monetization and ultimately attain sound advisory and actionable  business transformations. 
This  metamorphosis will help our partners  business to 
A) increase business revenue, 
B) offer  a firm 360 degree customer understanding and total experience, 
C) to ensure  top-notch compliance with regulators and government. 

We are using   our deep learning and machine learning  technology to achieve this feat. 

INsight  successful Use Cases would be published here  soon.  Stay tuned.